Friday, May 18, 2007


I think one of the first things that went into my favourites when I joined Etsy were these bags. And finally I have one. It is fantastic and can fit all the stuff in I seem to need when I am out. I love the idea that old army bags can find new life and I love the amazing fabric she uses to bring them back to life.
One of my favourite fabric lines at the moment is Chez Moi by Moda. I thought I'd copy Jo and try the washing line shot, but I think I need a bit of practise as I don't think this photo is doing it justice. Some of it is already cut out waiting to be made into dolls.


Heather Moore said...

Hi Kate
I'm so pleased you visited my blog. I took a visit to your shop, and found that I already knew it - you'd been "hearted" by me ages ago! What lovely stuff you make.

Rachael Elswyk said...

That washing line makes me go weak at the knees!!!

Jo said...

Ah, there is an art to the washing line shot. Waiting for the breeze to stop (or start), trying to get the dog out of the shot etc etc. Gorgeous bag. Divine fabric.

Stacey said...

Lovely photos as always. That bag is so cool! I think I will have to do all my bag shopping on etsy. Could get expensive!

shula said...

That washing line is a Thing of Beauty.

glorydaze said...

I have been looking at those bags for ages, but my other half doesnt understand my need to buy something that I have made a business out of making myself.