Wednesday, July 12, 2006


With Chris being on holidays this week and the girls growing I have needed to make some more clothes for them. I've used a lot of corduroy. Corduroy used to make me cringe. I think it reminds me of bad 70's flairs in ugly colours, but it is the best thing for kids clothes. Easy to sew and easy to wash. So we have pants. Green for Grace and aqua/blue for Amelia.
Dresses for Grandad's special birthday party this weekend. I actually cut into my stash of Liberty print - it did take some courage.

I am pretty proud of the little flowers I made.I find it hard somedays working out how to dress them - will they need counselling if I dress them the same or will they grow up needing to be dressed the same as some twins I've talked to did. I still feel the need to have two things pretty similar even if they don't wear them at the same time. It started when I was pregnant. We didn't buy much until they were born, but if we did there had to be two.
I think it was a superstitious thing - if we bought two then we would have two healthy babies at the end. Mum bought a "Happy Child" rose when I was pregnant and became so paranoid that she had to buy another one the next day. The strange thing is one has always been smaller and grown a bit differently then the other.
We have all been stuck in here for a few days with colds and Amelia has had gastro. The sun has appeared and it actually looks warm outside I am hoping it is and we can go outside to play.


Ali said...

Those little dresses are gorgeous. The liberty prints and flowers really make them.

If your girls are anything like most others, you won't have much say at all in what they wear soon, so enjoy dressing them any way you please now!

Rebecca said...

Those trousers and dresses are lovely and the flowers so cute. Post some photos of the girls in them soon. Thank you for the little extras that you sent with the mag swap - they arrived earlier this week. Cant wait to use them.

Anonymous said...

Your children's clothes are so so cute. I love those pants witht he strips of pretty fabric on them and the fabric flwoers are gorgeous! I really like corduroy too, it's so functional for little ones.

Violet & Rose said...

Cord and liberty prints - what a lovely combination. I love those little dresses. Very sweet. And little woollen tights and buckle up shoes too? My friends who have boys hate me when I say this, but you've got to love having girls when you can sew little dresses like that for them!