Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Going on an Expedition

Since having Amelia and Grace going anywhere is just not that easy and not that fun. You may as well be going to Antarctica with all the organising and packing you do, but I think we are on schedule to hit the road tomorrow. We are off to Perth for a few days and then I am off to Mum and Dad's for a few days and Chris gets a few days of peace and quiet.
We have even planned a night out together in Perth. We have only been out together once since the girls came home - to one of Chris' staff things, so I am a bit excited.
I have packed some craft to do and I am hoping that the bag actually gets at least opened. If I do anything there will be pictures on my return. Have a great week!
Just a couple of cute shots from the other day. Chris and Grace

Amelia pretty excited as she made it through the tunnel.


Carolyn said...

The girls (and Chris) must have had so much fun!

Gina said...

Have a safe and super fun trip! Love those photos.