Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tax and Frogs

We have just spent the morning in an office with the accountant and two small children doing our tax. Do I need to explain any more?
To end on a happier note here are two frogs who will be off to the UK to make a new home.


Jhoanna said...

Too adorable! Love the pink and green one - great fabric choices!

caroline said...

oh don't remind me I still have to do my tax return. Much prefer to look at and admire those frogs - I agree with Jhoanna great fabric choices.

linda said...

I took all 3 of my boys with me to a chiropractor appointment - just knowing that they'll be there is enough to stress me out for days ahead of time. But look at you! You survived! Hooray!

quenna said...

I dislike paperwork too and with two kiddies...shudder :)

I love the chunky pig!

thebutterflycollector said...

all your toys are just fabulous! Gorgeous Frogs! We took our little one to the accountant too, it was a challenge!

siripirisiri said...

very cute frogs!

Have a nice weekend!


suzy said...

Those frogs are gorgeous (and much nicer than tax returns!)
Hope you have a good weekend!

melissa said...

those frogs are just adorable- I love their dear faces.
Poor you having to do a tax return in a small office with 2 little ones... just the thought of it is enough to put me off for another year..