Sunday, October 22, 2006

Making 2D into 3D

I find making my drawings into 3D the hardest thing. For starters I can't draw. Everything looks the same. I have these great images in my head and it is frustrating not to be able to get them on paper. I always end up making a prototype and adjusting it and making another etc.
So here is what has been in my head this week. A lot of work needs to be done to make them match the picture in my head.
I decided after my wombat that I need to do some more Australian animals so at the front is the start of an echidna.

A little sheep for my sister's baby that is due in 5 weeks and another giraffe.


tiel s-k said...

I think I have the opposite problem. I'm more a 2D person and when I try to make something into 3D...I get so frustrated at how difficult it is.

Love your new banner.

Linda said...

I too have been trying to turn my youngest daughter Isobel's drawings into 3d but as yet it is just not working for me. Her drawings look great and I think "what a wonderful softie that would make" .....wrong!

RheLynn said...

wonderful work! nice embroidery on the sheep!

I also used to find modeling clay a lifesaver. I'd take it out of the bag, mold it into the 3D idea in my head - and then turn it to the side, stare at it head-on etc etc.. it helped make 2d views that could then be made into patterns and tweaked from there.

Good luck!