Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Morris the Wombat

Go check out the Madame Butterfly Gallery which is now updated daily with interesting reads. Have a look in the Creative Cabinet and there is an interview with me today.
Introducing Morris the Wombat who is available here.


LoriLaurieLauri said...

A wombat! Oh my goodness...I would never have thought of a wombat! But he is darling!

That spotted giraffe you made is gorgeous, also!

Cricket said...

Cute! I do love wombats...and yours is darling!

thebutterflycollector said...

I love Morris!!! He's Gorgeous and thanks for promoting the site too, Shae xo

tiel s-k said...

that is exciting. It is nice to be recognised...esp when you work from home and don't have much adult interaction. The site was good...but a bit clunky, I don't have much patience to look at it all, but I read your interview...great work.

Drewzel said...

Morris looks a bit like my dog, but he is a staffy and wombat like anyway.