Sunday, October 01, 2006

Frogs, Ducks and Croup

Some good and some not so good this weekend. Amelia had croup last night and it freaked me out a bit. I have never seen a child with croup and she was quite distressed so Chris took her to the hospital and they stayed the night. Chris said she is fine this morning and Grace and I are hoping they are home soon.
They had a great day otherwise, they spent a fair bit of it playing with some new toys from the toy library.
Other good things - Rolf didn't eat all the ducklings and their mother in the back garden. Chris managed to spot them and he had Rolf while I helped them back through the fence. My hair is shorter and blonder. I managed to finish this frog which has been half made for months. There was a sewing incident and somehow I cut through the bottom bit of fabric so I found something that matched and some ribbon and here it is:

Some new patterns. I think I might be overestimating what I can manage to sew this school holidays, but I can always hope.

Simplicity 4171

Butterick 4802

Either Butterick 4849 or the Hotpatterns Hippy Chick Dress


tiel s-k said...

My son suffers from croup. It is very terrifying for both child and parent. We have had many a night at the hospital. 9 out of 10 times if my son gets sick with a cold, he will have an attack. The last one he had, my hubby was interstate and I couldn't find the special medicine to give him. There I was at 2 in the morning looking for this med, trying to keep him calm and thinking I would have to pack both kids and do a hospital dash. Luckily I found it.

I hope that she gets better. Try redipred steroid medicine (script). It really works. Something that I don't like giving my child, but do so when he is having a serious attack.

Go to bed early..don't stay up and craft tonight. Love your froggy.

rebecca said...

I hope Amelia is better today. I can imagine how scary it was for you all. My brother used to get it as baby and I have vivd memories of my mum running the shower and filling the bathroom with steam in the middle of the night to help him breathe.

Anonymous said...

the frog is so cute and full of character!

melissa said...

croup- poor thing! I think that would have freaked me out a lot.

Love your little froggy. He has the sweetest face. Have fun doing your sewing. My partner is on school holidays too, but so far I've gotten LESS done! How can that be?

Gina said...

You sure know how to put fabric prints together!

Anonymous said...

little frog is very cute - like the patterns too.