Friday, October 20, 2006

Summer Skirts

Some more nice weather down here inspired me to make some skirts for the girls. They are a bit big, but that means that they will fit all summer.
The poor little things had their 18 month immunisations this week and they were not happy. Amelia managed to get over it quite quickly and run up and down the hospital corridors while Grace sat in my lap and wouldn't get up as Amelia tried to cause havoc. I eventually got them out of there and went to the bakery to try and make ourselves feel better and in the chaos we only lost one shoe.
Meet Basil.


Jenn said...

those skirts are too cute!

LoriLaurieLauri said...

Such cute skirts!!!

Poor little girls, getting their shots. I'm sure they forgot all about them at the bakery, though!

Anonymous said...

What lovely skirts - who needs shoes when you can look that cure barefoot!

samantha said...

so cute - the girls and the skirts!

jojo* said...

Cute pictures of the girls in their skirts! I had to bring my little one in for immunizations 2 weeks ago. Ugh!