Saturday, December 02, 2006


Some good things this weekend.
  • the weather
  • Chris' brother Neil visiting
  • dinner out last night
  • having my hair cut - I love just sitting quietly for 2 hours
  • Maisie

Meet Maisie. I have been experimenting with the hair on my dolls. I was trying to make buns kind of like these that Abby made. That was the vision I kind of had, but my version was disastrous so they ended up like this.

I know the following might shock a few people, probably not those that know me in real life - I am not a Christmas person. Don't get me wrong I love to see family and catch up with people, but I'm not a good at big Christmas gatherings, not a fan of hot lunches in this hot weather, not a fan of what stress, heat, alcohol, overeating and forced joviality can do to people especially me and I especially hate the pressure to buy, buy, buy - stuff we don't need and stuff we don't want, especially when there are so many people and organisations in the world that could put that money to much better use. I have been thinking about this more than usual this week as I just picked up the book Affluenza to read.
All that being said, we don't own a Christmas decoration so I thought I'd make a couple. I think we need a few of Little Birds' trees and I think we might need some stars after seeing Caroline's.


Drewzel said...

I just followed that doll link, and I like Maisie better! She reminds me of Princess Leia. V. cute.
I'm with you regarding Christmas, I love my family and friends, but it's really all just a pain in the bottom, all the hoo-hah that goes with it. I usually don't decorate, but this year I have outdone myself, put some gum tree branches in a big vase and hung decorations off them.
I love those stars and the little trees, so I might give them a go too.
Thanks for the links, Kate!

jojo* said...

Haven't read the book, but I have seen the Affluenza shows on PBS...very inspiring stuff. I totally understand where you're coming from re. Christmas, and am trying to think of some more meaningful/alternative gifts to give this year.

Lisa said...

I don't think it's shocking. I completely agree. The only thing I like about Xmas is that we all get a little break from work so we can all get together, but the whole turkey, political card and present giving can be a pain.

I love your work!

LoriLaurieLauri said...

Oh I LOVE Maisie...of course, you know I feel that way about all of your creations! But, although I like the other version, too, what I like about Maisie is that she isn't quite so 'bunnie'...if that makes sense. She is absolutely DARLING!

And about Christmas...I think I may have even said something to you before...I/We are definitely scaling down this year. Still decorating and stuff, but not just feeling the need to conquer the kids' lists, and making things much more simple and meaningful.

Jhoanna said...

Maisie is adorable - such a sweet face and her hair is perfect :-)

Linda said...

I love Maisie Kate, she is adorable, you have done a wonderful job. I TOTALLY agree about xmas and was pleased to read other comments saying the same (I thought I was the only one) it is so much added stress and expense, the whole thing is a crock!! We do it for the girls, but we are definately modest and frugal about the whole thing, and I am constantly horrified at what other people spend on xmas. I think our birthday is a special day but not xmas. I am always relieved when xmas is over and I even put the decorations away on Boxing Day!!!!

Linda said...

can't wait to read your questionnaire answers, so happy you are going to do it

Belinda said...

We only just put the tree up today..after constant nagging from the kids. I'm just not feeling it this year...I working Christmas day (drawback of working in the airline biz) so it will be a quiet day for us anyway. I'm just looking forward to chilling out and going to the beach.

Jo said...

After having been at my husband's work Christmas party last night, I would have to agree with your sentiments. But then today we have bought our tree and it smells divine and the girls have got out all the decorations and it really is lovely. The junior version of Christmas is far, far nicer than the adult one.
And Maisie is just divine !! Are you going to Etsy any ??

Jo said...

I've just found her ....

kathy said...

Love the hair. My first thought was Pincess Leia too. I think you're on to something good.