Sunday, December 10, 2006

Lots of sewing

I've just installed child safe locks in the kitchen. Way too many incidents in there - bites out of all the cruskits. There was a final straw with Grace tipping all the hundreds and thousands on the floor - it looked like millions and billions and they are all in the cracks of the floorboards - a very pretty look. I have left the tupperware cupboard unlocked - it's a disaster anyway and will give them something to do.
I'm gradually getting through my sewing list. I had an order for another dog, so I managed to finish a couple and some new pants for the girls.
I had big plans to make a couple of quick, easy tops from Simplicity 4589. I have seen a couple of good ones around, but it is not the pattern for me. It was not flattering, I don't need that especially after a great comment by a lady who was talking to me earlier in the week. She had identical twins in their 40s, so we were chatting about twins and then she said, 'Your stomach never does go back to what it was, does it'. Umm I'm well aware of this, I just don't need strangers telling me. I have a couple of other top patterns to try so hopefully one of them will become my new favourite and better go now to do some more stomach crunches.


joanne said...

My tupperware cupboard is also a mess - hundreds and thousands on the floor what a bugger!! And a big up yours to the Mums who have to keep reminding us of squidgy tummies!

Melly said...

Forget the scrunches - It's Christams time!!! - surely virtuous things like that need to be saved so that you have a New Years resolution!

Drewzel said...

Yep, my Tupperware cupboard is also a disaster...I wonder if there's anyone out there with a tidy Tupper stash!
Don't listen to random people's comments on your stomach, they don't count. The sewing pattern looked very cute by the way.
Earlier on in the year I was introduced to an elderly lady who said to me "Expecting a little bubby are we?". I said "no I'm just fat." And I still haven't done one stomach crunch since then! ahahahha!

shula said...

Gotta love those strangers. The same ones who give you the horror stories while you're pregnant.

Love the dogs.

My girl specialises in paint on the walls.

And she's 12.

lindiepindie said...

Those doggies are so sweet. I love how they are so beautiful on the bottom and under the ears.

I had one open cubby that I didn't put anything in when the kids were small. It gave them a place to put their toys in the kitchen, or crawl into and hide. And when they didn't use it anymore (my youngest is almost 3) I found it was nice to expand into some extra space!

Yeah - I won't ever wear a tunic. It makes me look pregnant, thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Oh strangers say the most lovely things.. and all under the guise of being nice!
And as much as you will hate to hear this... I am glad that someone else out there has twinados just like mine!