Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Shopping

Well we survived Perth and the Christmas Shopping. I think Chris only just survived and he was only in the shops for a couple of hours. This year opened up a whole new dimension of Christmas shopping for us - the toy store. Scary. I can't believe what you can buy, what people will buy and how much they will buy.
Mum and I stumbled across this little children's toy store selling wonderful Swedish wooden toys amongst other stuff and ended up buying one of these each for the girls. The girls went straight for them and had major tantrums as we put them in the car and they couldn't play with them. My Dad and Chris thought we just paid a lot of money for plastic bowls, but I can see the potential and love the idea of having to use your imagination and creativity, so we'll see what they think at Christmas.
Don't get the wrong idea - I'm not all Scroogey at Christmas, we have been to a few Christmas parties where Father Christmas has come, including the Playgroup Christmas Party last night, and after there was a Father Christmas pinata where all the kids got to bash Father Christmas which was slightly disturbing.
Now I'd better go and make the last of the presents I need to get done, but first I need to finish a wombat for Soozs who sent me one of her gorgeous dolls. She also has a really thought provoking post about Christmas at the Washing Line.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Soos-you are gonna be so delighted to get that little wombat! I ordered 3 (yes, they're for the children, I promise! lol!) They are so freakin' adorable, I want a whole ARMY of them! Post a picture when you get it!