Saturday, December 31, 2016

Fabric Shopping in Hong Kong

Hong Kong was the last stop on our trip so I waited until there to do most of my fabric shopping. My excellent husband pulled out a rolled up bag out of his suitcase and told me to fill it. The first stop was Sham Shui Po and the Hawkers Bazaar.
It was even more jammed with fabric than I imagined.
There was lots and lots of nice wools and cottons. Chris bought a few pieces for me to try and make him pants and maybe a jacket one day.
I found one place with lovely lingerie laces.
After the Hawkers Bazaar we wandered to Tim Ho Wan for lunch - an amazingly yummy and very cheap Michelin starred restaurant. It was so good and the girls loved it too.
Then we headed to Ki Lung Street, some great bargains here on basic fabrics and shirting.
I had read about Moon Yue Piece Goods on a few blogs, it is on Yu Chau Street and is definitely worth a visit. It is up some stairs and took a little bit to find, but I'm glad I did, they were extremely helpful and I picked up a few nice pieces of silk.
The other place I bought fabric was on the second floor Western Market. Definitely not as cheap as Sham Shui Po, but some very nice fabrics in there that I didn't see in Sham Shui Po. I couldn't leave without some of this beautiful Italian silk brocade. 
And that is the end of my fabric shopping travels from 2016.
I wish you all a happy and wonderful 2017!


Brenda said...

I have enjoyed following your travels and going to the different fabric shops. I love seeing all of your beautiful photos. Happy New Year!

Abby and Stephanie said...

I loved following your trip. Now I'm going to love watching what you create with the beautiful fabrics.