Monday, December 12, 2016

Garden Snails Quilt

I had a huge list of things that needed to be done over the weekend, but I woke up on Saturday, glanced through Instagram and all of a sudden I was paper piecing a snail. 


Sue Rostron said...

Well I guess if you can't live your life at a snail's pace you may as well make one!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Distractions lead to other creative outlets. Love your fabrics and adorable snail. I started with a Christmas stocking and next thing I knew I was making a soft toy!

Ann Dunn said...

What a fun little guy. I'm planning on following Angie at Gnome Angel on her snail paced sew-along and I have already purchased the pattern. I'm planning on doing foundation piecing for the shell and I notice on the pattern I downloaded that the resulting shell is about a half inch smaller in both directions than the cutting instructions call for if I were cutting a single piece of fabric. Did you experience that?