Friday, December 09, 2016

Fabric Shopping in Kyoto

The great thing about fabric shopping in Kyoto is that there is a fantastic fabric shop right in the middle of the main shopping area - well two actually as there are two branches of Nomura Tailor close to each other. The smaller one in the mall has more quilting cottons and lots of those lovely linen/cotton blends. There is also great notions and yarn. 
The main store is out of the mall around the corner and is three stories of amazing fabrics and notions. Cotton, silk and wool in all colours and patterns. There are also great remnant tables, worth a rummage though if you have time I may have popped in a couple of times before I made any decisions. 

A couple of my buys, a spotty wool that I hope becomes a coat for me next winter, some cotton/linen and a lovely textured cotton that I plan to make into a dress.
I managed a couple of hours to myself to wander the streets while everyone else found a playground. I headed straight to Sou Sou - an amazing collection of shops close to each other. Each one stocks a different collection of things from women's clothes to split toe shoes to bags (I may have come home with one of them). Up the stairs in one shop (it might have been the bag shop, it is a bit of a blur now) were Sou Sou fabrics to buy. There was also a collection of lovely remnants. 

I managed to find Linnet, which was tiny, but oh so lovely, everything in there was beautiful, such amazing linens. 
I didn't manage to get to any yarn shops, I went searching for Habu, but unfortunately it had closed a few months before. On my search I stumbled across a lovely antique shop and spent my yarn money on some wooden moulds instead.



Eleanor said...

I love living vicariously thru you and seeing all the lovely things you perused amd purchased! But I have to comment on the moulds at the end of the post....please tell me you didnt buy the one that looks like a .... well ...dildo?? Feel free to remove my comment if that word brings strange search engines...😂😂😂😂

Kate said...

No I bought flowers that aren't in the photo! It does make me laugh though to look at the photo!