Sunday, January 15, 2017

Liberty Lawn Top

Olive has a lot of dresses in her wardrobe and is lacking in tops so go with shorts so I looked through my Japanese Sewing Books and found a cute little top and then found the perfect piece of Liberty Lawn in the stash. 
It is from this book which I'm sure I've had since the twins were little. ISBN 9784529047005.
 I haven't used a Japanese Sewing book for a while and it took me a few minutes to find the pieces and get used to tracing again.
I wasn't sure which was the front piece and which was the back and I suddenly remembered I downloaded Google translate as soon as we got to Paris. It is complete wizard, I have gone from working only from diagrams to being able to nearly read the entire instructions!
The pattern has you sewing two channels and threading through elastic, instead I went for one of my favourite techniques - shirring. Five rows on the front and five on the back, a little less than 1cm apart.
 Other than taking up the hem a little I didn't make any alterations. I would normally just overlock the side seams, but I am glad I used their instructions for a fully enclosed seam, it is a lot neater.


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Marina said...

Pretty! That fabric is one of my earliest Liberty faves. Love the Google translate idea too....