Friday, December 02, 2016

Fabric Shopping in Rome

I love Rome, the food and the history. I love to wander with no aim and see what I can find.  I love that just across from where we stayed was the Largo Argentina which is now a cat sanctuary and apparently a couple of thousand years ago some guy called Julius Caesar was stabbed there.
Right behind it, you can just see it in the corner, is a store called Azienda Tessile Romana - lots of nice fabric. 
If you search for fabric stores in Rome there is one shop that appears again and again as a place you must visit. It is Fratelli Bassetti Tessuti. It is just a vert short walk from Largo Argentina (once again I swear I did not plan where we were staying based on fabric shopping - I was just very very lucky!!).
 This shop is huge! Rooms and rooms of every sort of fabric stacked to the ceiling. This is just a little of the shirting fabric.
 Wool, jersey, silk, everything.
 You can't see the ends of the bolts here, but many are labelled with designers names, including Valentino. Completely overwhelming and I came away with nothing (probably wise considering the prices).
There are a couple of others shops close by. There was one opposite the largo Argentina on via delle Botteghe Oscure there is a shop with really nice wools and other fabrics and there is a lovely little shop (it's a little tricky to find, I didn't see a sign) which sells silks, wools and other fabrics at much more affordable prices on via dei Falegnami.

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Marina said...

Love Rome so much and those shops look amazing.