Thursday, January 11, 2007

What I'm up to

A peek at some works in progress. I am slowly getting through the long list of things I need to do while Chris is on holidays.
Sewing when the girls are here is nearly impossible. They are so loud and so busy. In the cupboard, jumping on the couch, drawing on something, pinching stuff from each other. It is so nice and quiet when they have all gone for a walk or are at the park and it is amazing what you can do with an uninterrupted hour.
The girls did help me clean up a chest of 'stuff' yesterday. Undoing fabric and throwing wool. The girls instantly knew about the "good stuff" - rubbing really soft wool on their faces. I couldn't find a little ball of silk and really needed my sister Gem. She swears she can walk into a shop and sniff out silk clothes, but I eventually found it, so at least one thing around here is all organised and I know what is in there.


littlemissmeshell said...

oooOoooh I spy Freshcut fabric! I'm waiting ever so not-patiently for mine to get here =) I also ordered some of the gorgeous retroish flower print in the foreground, in the pink.

I love how you put fabrics together!

tiel s-k said...

i hear you on the interruption issue. It can be so frustrating knowing that what you want to do is only going to take 20-30 minutes but with little ones it can be triple that!

What you are doing looks so lovely. Nice that you are getting orders.

jennifer said...

ove love love the WIP pictures! i know what you mean about working while the kiddos are about - i find that those rare free hour(s) now and then are SO restorative, though.
have a wonderful weekend!!!

Rachael said...

Hope you get some work done, 'cos I can't wait to see all those wip's done!
But glad the girls know the good stuff from the bad!