Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2007 is a wonderful year for you.
I am not really a new years resolution person. I like to make goals, short and long term, but I tend to do that when I'm in the mood to and I never seem to want to do it over New Years.
I do have a few craft (and cooking) goals for January.
  • to turn a few sketches into new softies
  • to try some new recipes - already tried zacutti curry and paella this week
  • try some recipes to use the produce from the vegie patch
  • read some of the books in the very large pile of books I have
  • to make some practical things I need like a sewing case, a dpn case and oven mits
  • start a present I want to make for Dad which I want to do for his birthday, but maybe for next Christmas
My final bits of crafting for 2006. A frog and a sheep. My Dad collects pottery sheep and while staring at his collection I finally figured out how I wanted to make one. The face is definitely influenced by the lambs face in The Splendid Soft Toy Book.


Drewzel said...

Happy new year Kate! I love the sheep, mega-gorgeous!
I think I'll resolve to knit a pair of socks by the end of the year, I've never knitted any before. :)

katef said...

Happy New Year!
I hope you achieve all your goals big and small... and that sheep... too cute!

fitknit said...

Happy New Year to you, too Kate. I hope the goals progress wonderfully for you. I love the sheep and that face is gorgeous.

Rachael said...

Happy New Year Kate! I love seeing your softies so I"m looking forward to seeing what you create throughout the year!

camomille said...

Happy New Year ! Meilleurs Voeux pour 2007!