Monday, January 29, 2007


It has been so hot here. We have spent most of the days indoors venturing out in the late afternoon so the girls can sit in their paddling pool. We had a thunderstorm last night which I don't think has made the weather any cooler. Funny how half the house can sleep through it - and the dog barking at it - and the rest are wide awake.
The heat hasn't made me stop knitting - have to finish the second Jaywalker - or spinning. Some pics of what I'm doing.

I have a massive pile of toys cut out which I will slowly work through. Here are a couple of giraffes which can be found here soon.


Anonymous said...

I spin when it's hot too.

Love those giraffes.

katef said...

Wow you have such a good eye for combining fabric patterns and colours! These are gorgeous!

Rebecca said...

Hope things cool down soon!

Love the giraffes - very cute!

Rachael Elswyk said...

Spinning too! wow I'm in awe! I'm over the heat over here too. There was a massive huge thunder storm when we were camping, and both of the boys slpet right thru it!