Thursday, January 25, 2007


Another crazy day - still trying to get used to Chris being back at work and he was away last night too. So we had another treat today - chocolate banana smoothies. So glad the price of bananas has come down. Here is a description of Fairy bread for those that aren't familiar with our treat from yesterday. What do people eat at kids parties if you don't have fairy bread? The girls are having a party just so I can eat it.
I finally had a good nights sleep after a week of stress. The order I did for minifashionista has arrived. The night after I sent it last week I woke up at 2am thinking that I hadn't stapled the parcel shut and I couldn't remember the post office doing it. So for a week I had visions of soft toys lost between here and Adelaide. But all is well and I think they should be open for business soon.
These finally arrived last week. Very cute Moo cards.

A couple of balls of wool I bought on my trip to make some gloves. I'm thinking Fetching from Knitty. And a book bargain from the second hand book shop.


joanne said...

Yay for moo cards and a double yay for fairy bread and banana smoothies!The day couldn't have possibly got any better!!!

melly and rosie said...

We love your moo cards! cant wait to get some done!

Jhoanna said...

Now you've got me craving fairy bread . . . :-) Love the Moo cards!

Fiona said...

Go the fairy bread. My kids sometimes have it for lunch to take to school. Hope the teachers don't see. Love your moo-cards.
Wish I could justify getting some.
Don't sell enough things yet!!