Friday, November 15, 2013

Knitting Update

Trips to Perth, Albany, seeing The Nutcracker, sickness and Sports Carnivals has left little room for crafting this week. I have managed a little knitting though. It always takes me forever to finish the first sock in a pair, I just need to finish the toe and cast on the second one and I then I know I am over half way. The second one always seems to be finished much faster. 
 I cast on a summer cardi - a Liesl. I'm not sure about it yet, but I'll keep knitting and see how it goes.


Brenda said...

I hope everyone who was sick is feeling much better. Love the socks you are knitting. I'm seeing The Nutcracker in a few weeks. It's always fun to see.

Unknown said...

I love sewing,dont have time much now but it seemed easier a few years ago,fashion here anyway doesnt seem to include peices that can be made. Socks,what glorious projects,I have so many on the go Ive forgotten how many there are.