Monday, November 04, 2013

Burda 9516

After trying McCalls 6733 last week I thought I would try Burda 9516 and see if it was closer to the perfect jumpsuit pattern. I used the ties from McCalls and changed the elastic a little. The pattern asks you to sew casings and thread elastic through. I decided to shirr the elastic instead. Five rows at the top and three around the waist. You can't tell in the photo, but I wound the elastic a little too tight around the bobbin, next time I will remember to do it a little looser. The bottom of the jumpsuit is a great fit, but I think the top needs to be a little bit wider and then I think we might have the perfect summer jumpsuit.
I'm sure I only just bought this a few months ago, but I just went to look this pattern up on the Simplicity site and it appears to be out of print. I haven't checked ebay, but if you are after a good summer pattern I'd go and hunt for this one.

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VeeV said...

Oh My.....
what happened to the little baby eva???
sweet outfit!!!
eva 2