Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter Holidays

The Easter school holidays seem to have disappeared. They were busy this year.
Eva turned 4 and all she wanted was a dinosaur cake. It won't win any decorating awards, but the girls loved it.
Chris and I had 5 days in Melbourne - kid free. Yes kid free. We had looked forward to it all year and made the most of it by spending time with my sister and her family, watching football, seeing some comedy, shopping and eating our way through Melbourne. A definite highlight was lunch at Chin Chin (thanks Suzie), I think I should give up eating Thai right now as I am not sure I will ever eat something as good again.
There was not much craft related. I managed to get to Tessuti and buy the New York Cape Pattern and there was a quick trip to the Australasian Quilt Convention as we were staying close by. I was glad to go and see the quilts and look closely at the amazing work that was put into them, but I left feeling a little flat. I think I expected to be inspired by something new, something different, especially as I had not been to a craft show in a couple of years, but there was nothing that really excited me and I felt there was little that could be called 'Modern Quilting'.
And now there are hundreds of loads of washing to be done and children to be fed and hopefully after that I can find a little crafting time.

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