Friday, September 22, 2006

WIP Friday

Some works in progress for this week. A soon to be sheep and wombat. I think there will be a few more calico versions first. A sock this I have just ripped as there were a few horrible mistakes. Lastly some spinning I have been doing late at night listening to podcasts.


shula said...

my spinning wheel arrives early next week. Haven't had one that worked in 15 years, though I grew up spinning.

I am beside myself with excitement.

melissa said...

I love the idea of native Australian toys. You do them so well.
I love to spin, too, but haven't done any in a long time. Just might need to get my wheel out again!

Cricket said...

OMG! We have the Little Wombat books...and I never even thought of the idea of a wombat softie! Can't wait to see the finished product!

whizzme said...

i love the little wombat - just like from Diary of a Wombat too