Monday, September 04, 2006

Good Weekend

We had a great weekend. Probably too much driving and definitely too much food, scotch, wine and port!
On Friday we all went to Terra Vista, a restaurant north of Hyden. Yes I couldn't believe it either, a very strange place to find something like that, but it is there and it was pretty good.
On Sunday Gem, Mum, the girls and I went to watch a nail biting hockey grand final at Bruce Rock. Kondinin eventually won on penalty flicks. Then home again yesterday via a friends place who have twins a bit older than the girls. It is always good to see them and to have someone who understands life with twins.
Then back here where winter seems to be back - its bloody freezing in this little wooden house and the girls don't seem to want to wear their clothes.

More pictures from the weekend here.

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