Thursday, September 21, 2006

Winter Colds

Not much happening here this week. The girls have had colds and Amelia's turned into a chest infection so we spent one day at the doctors and the hospital. She didn't take kindly to us giving her antibiotics. I think it would have been easier to de-worm a feral cat the first day and yesterday I had to visit Chris at work to get his help. She seems to have calmed down a bit today which has made life easier and she is back to her old self.
I bought this print a while ago from Carla Sonheim for the girls' room. Somehow I couldn't work out where I put it, but after looking for a week I found it in a very obvious place.

Chris and I are off tomorrow for our first night away form the girls. Mum and Dad are looking after the girls and we are off to Margaret River. Woohoo!!


caroline said...

Have a wonderful break - a good place to go and enjoy an undisturbed glass of wine or two.

The print is gorgeous - lucky girls.

Carolyn said...

You guys deserve a break! Glad to hear Millie is OK. Hope you get to enjoy some delicious wines.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderfully adult night! Love the print btw.

tiel s-k said...

The Margaret River..nice..very nice. Hope you enjoyed it.

I can sympathise with you on the antibiotic/cold/sickly kids thing. Mind you my kids love taking any medicine I give them.....potential drug addicts perhaps?? I love that print, it is very sweet.