Saturday, September 16, 2006


We had a beautiful spring day here yesterday. I decided it was time to tackle the vegie patch. Didn't really seem to get much done with these two trying to help me, but it was really nice to be outside.

The topic on Insight on SBS this week was identical twins. Quite interesting. It is repeated agin on Monday at 2.00pm if anyone is interested. I haven't thought too much about the girls being identical and problems this may cause in the future such as what will happen at school and making sure others treat them as individuals. They just seem so different to me, looks and personalities. On the other hand it was so nice to hear about the bond between twins, a person that always understands you and is there for you.


shula said...

You have identical twins?!

Oh mate, I am just mesmerized by them.

One of my best friends is a twin, and I never tire of watching her and her sister together how it all works. Of course, she's about 36 now.

Always wanted twins. Always.

kirsty said...

My uncles (who are only 14 yrs older than me, so seemed more like my big brothers when I was little!) are identical twins. They have had many FASCINATING experiences throughout their lives, including many instances of feeling each others physical pain while being in different geographic locations. The most spectacular was when Adrian had his appendix removed (they were 4 at the time). Gene hadn't been told what was happening but, at the time of the surgery, hit the floor screaming in agony. I think they are amazing (and handsome :)! )

Fiona said...

I am a twin but so NOT identical. 7 minutes between us, 7 inches in height, and over 7 kilos in weight.
We do have a special bond even though we are not identical. As we were not identical and so different in height, most people thought we were just friends through school. We did and do still love being twins and love being different. So many ways we are not different at all.
Love to hear all stories about twins.

Fiona said...

Love your stuffed animals. Love the giraffe and elephant. If your swap partner is in to elephants I'm sure she will LOVE her present.