Wednesday, August 09, 2006


The girls are both asleep. Yeh! I'm hoping they will stay that way for a bit. Yesterday was a bit of a nightmare. One would have a quick nap, while the other jumped up and down and screamed and then they swapped. And as soon as you got the awake one out of their cot they started poking the other one until they woke up and if you shut the door to stop them they screamed until the other one woke up anyway.
Normally I deal with this, but we had a 1st birthday later in the afternoon so after half an hour of being there they were revolting and kind of loud.
While Amelia had one of her quick naps i distracted Grace for about a whole 3 minutes and we stamped some tags.

A new favourite game is trying to get on the couch and then jump up and down until we nearly fall off. This photo is a bit of a mistake as Grace looks calm and there is no jumping.

This is Amelia after she pulled everything off the shelf and decided it was a good place to sit.
Might have a coffee and read while I have the chance.


Ainslie said...

Hi Kate, Cute tags...I have the same flower stamp that I use for tags and cards's sweet.
I love your dolls that you've been making and the little bags with matching clips...what little girl wouldn't love them!!!
Take care, Ainslie

Ali said...

Like your tags, particularly the 'stamped off the edge' look. Hope your coffee was long and peaceful!

lindiepindie said...

Okay, with 2 little twins, I would think there weren't enough hours in the day either! My older two are 13 months apart and I was able to get them napping together for 3 hours each afternoon for a few months before #3 came along. Ah - those were my last days of peace. :o) I don't know how you get anything done, but they are precious sweeties.

I'm glad you were able to get some stamping done. The tags are really nice.

Gina said...

Those are so pretty, neat! And your babies, always sweet.

Rachael said...

Those tags are gorgeous! Do you have your own "name" stamp? I've been looking for a company that make personalised rubber stamps that are a bit arty for my own "name" stamp.

Joanne said...

They are great tags - did you do those with a gocco?
i love your blog - I just found it! thx

Shannon said...

Your tags look great, I need me some tags...!