Sunday, August 27, 2006

Busy Weekend

We have had a great, but busy weekend.
  • Chris' parents were here for Friday night which was great. With such great babysitters here Chris and I went out together for the first time by ourselves since we had the girls!
  • Yesterday we headed to Balingup to the Medieval Fair which was fantastic.
  • The girls hair has really grown at the back and was turning into a mullet. Jean and I managed to trim it, lucky for the girls they have a few curls and you can't tell how badly I cut it.
  • My sister Gemma is due this afternoon which I'm quite excited about as I haven't seen her since our other sister Jane's wedding last February.
  • Here is Harriet and Sophie who will be in my shop shortly.


Rachael said...

The softies look great, kate! Hope your visit from your sis goes well.

Violet & Rose said...

Nothing better than a visit from a sister who lives far away! How wonderful for your girls to have a special auntie visit.

whizzme said...

love Harriert and Sophie - they really suit their names.

Geoff said...

Yes Harriet and Sophie look awesome :-)


weirdbunny said...

Great rag dolls.