Sunday, August 06, 2006

Just Thinking

I have had a pretty productive day yesterday, craftwise. I had to get the dolls finished so Chris took the girls to visit friends for a couple of hours and I finished the dolls, caught up on a stack of crafting podcasts and managed to read a magazine in the bath - the first time this year!
Zinnia and Penelope

Francesca the Giraffe

I started thinking about all things handmade yesterday. Since I have started reading and participating in the craft blog world I sometimes forget that the rest of the world may not appreciate handmade items like I do. And then I hear a comment like 'why would anyone bother to do that' or questioning my use of wool instead of acrylic to knit with or people assuming you will make something for them for free.
Then I realise that it is still a minority of people who prefer handmade and appreciate the use of really good materials. It was so good to see the dolls at Joybucket sell for a really good price. It is nice to see that there are some people who appreciate the value of really good handmade stuff.
It has been such a revelation to discover Etsy and so good to have places like Whip Up and Craftster to inspire and encourage crafters.


Lisa G said...

I just love your Giraffes - fantastic. They are so cute.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. When I got your comment I stopped by and have been here for a *wee* while...ages actually...there's so many gorgeous things to check out. And a mummy of twins too...I think I'll certainly be back for some tips! :-)

Love your banner too!

Gina said...

I just love your dollies, so sweet! I like their little pink cheeks, the big flower belly, patterned legs and the hair is great! You must have worked hard to get all those details with the individual hands, feet and flowers etc. Love Fransesca, she's adorable, her face looks like a real calm of content, so sweet.

Megan said...

They're fantastic you clever thing. You have such a talent for these softies.

Love the banner, by the way, those fabrics are just lovely.

And yeah, I forget that not everyone shares the sensibilities us crafty bloggers do as well, especially when I go to make someone something like a skirt made out of a pillowcase. Usually I stop myself in time, but every now and then a crazy craft aesthetic will sneak through to the real world.

Violet & Rose said...

Kate, your dolls, your bag, all gorgeous. And I love Zinnia's dress. Have just bought the same fabric in orange and I'm a bit scared of it.

melissa said...

What sweet little softies- I love the dolls but have a real soft spot for that giraffe!
I know exactly what you mean about the handmade aesthetic and others sometimes not sharing it... I always just tell myself that there are many people who DO appreciate it (craft bloggers for instance!) and that's what matters.

quenna said...

Amen to your post about the small world of crafting, it's one of the reasons I began blogging (to find more community). The dollies are co cute!

littlesnoring said...

Beautiful softies! Thanks for dropping by my blog and giving me some encouragement. Can I pass some back your way - you should sell your stuff as well. So cute and the fabrics are great...

Your girls are soooo cute