Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fried Computer

My computer is fried. Completely. I'm so glad I backed up most of it on the weekend. So relieved about that. I'm using Chris' at the moment so no photos, but I need to go and sort a new one tomorrow.
I've had a great few days otherwise. It was so good to have Gemma here and not just because she is a great cook. Our other sister Jane gave me a copy of what we call "the pink Thai cookbook" and I have been too scared to try anything, but Gemma made the Massaman beef curry last night. It was amazing.
Gem is staying with Jane tonight and I'm just home from what has become a baby playgroup monthly dinner where we eat great food and leave our children home with our partners if we can and talk about all sorts of stuff. Whoever decided we needed to do this is a genius.
Craftwise there has been a some animal evolution around here lately. I don't think I raved enough about "Good design in soft toys" when I mentioned it last. I have learnt all about darts in the body gusset (yes I may need to get out more) and my giraffe is looking like one! So my elephant has been evolving a little too. Its trunk needed fixing too. Any good Australian who knows The Castle will know it is good luck when elephants have their trunk up. When I get a new computer there will be pictures.

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kirsty said...

We LOVE The Castle! Every time I make a new quilt my family tells me I should open a shop!