Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My little stunt rider

It is raining here again. The days have been starting really nicely and you think it's going to be a sunny day, so you walk down the street and then it starts raining. Yesterday I was saturated, the girls were very cosy, snug in the pram. The same thing today, lucky Mum was down and I had planned to meet her in town after playgroup with the car.
In amongst the rain Mum did a great job on the front garden. All the old dead daisies and lavenders are gone and new plants are in their place. It should look really nice in spring. Thanks Mum!!
Amelia has stood by herself a bit and even tried a few steps last night, but she really prefers to be doing this:
A few little cards, copied straight from Denyse Schmidt.
I have sold a few softies locally which always makes me excited that someone likes something I make and today I was asked to make something - a doll. I said yes but now I'm having a small panic attack (although the wine is helping with that). They didn't specify colour, size, anything - just left it up to me. Aaaahh. Another wine and I might have a plan.


Gina said...

So cute! Love those little cards. With your great well of talent don't worry about a thing, you've got it in the back, it's a natural for you!

Megan said...

Mmm, yes, a wine to calm the nerves is always useful. But you know, you do make great stuff, that little lamb is great. Whatever you make, it'll be fab, I'm sure of it.

lindiepindie said...

Don't you love mixing fabric and paper? The cards look great and congratulations on selling stuff! I've done a few craft shows with minimal success, but just the fact that someone would pay for something I make just makes me giddy! My husband doesn't understand this feeling at all!