Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I woke up the other night with a great giraffe idea in my head (I'm still on the hunt for the perfect frog and giraffe softies). I had the perfect picture in my head. But today I've been thinking, was this great creativity or have I ripped off someone elses design. I have read so many blogs and looked at so many pictures on flickr that my head is spinning. I have been thinking a bit about the difference between copying and inspiration. I want to make things that are unique, but there are only so many ways to do a facial feature or do a leg.
I have found some inspiration in some books I was reading with the girls yesterday.
The Gigantic Turnip - love the cow and the lady.

Russell the Sheep - gorgeous sheep and frog.

In other news:
-Grace has learnt to stand up on her own.
-I'm can't wait for my copy of the Wee Wonderfuls book to get here to make some for the girls.
- I went to Bilby Yarns in Perth - great to find a local supplier of fleece, wool, dye and spinning equipment and back issues of Interweave Knits and Spin Off magazine.


Ali said...

Yeah, that copying vs. inspiration thing is really tough. Like your idea of using illustrations as a stepping off point. It also makes reading the same book a million times, slightly more interesting! I know the Gigantic Turnip well ....

Gina said...

You've certainly been getting a lot done!

Megan said...

Yeah for Grace! And I love those illustrations. I think in the end nothing is new under the sun - as long as it is not a direct rip off, I'd call it inspiration.