Saturday, June 24, 2006


I got home late yesterday from 10 days away to find this fantastic package from Angela at Food and Yarn. I am very spoilt! A gorgeous bunny (with a very cute K in its ear), little brooches for the girls, very cute little sheep, a pouch perfect for my crochet needles and Fleece Artist Sock Yarn - it is just heavenly to touch.
This bunny is just perfect and so petite. I am amazed as I had such a hard time making mine.
My label order has arrived as well so I can start sewing them into things I make or knit.


Linda said...

The backtack bunny you received is great - I like the fabric she used. Super cute.

Megan said...

Those bunnies are the cutest. I got labels a little like that too, it was such fun to receive them. Now I actually have to make something...!

Gina said...

So cute! I love your fabrics. Hooray for labels!