Monday, June 05, 2006

Another Doll

I have taken a while to finish this doll. I wanted to do something very child safe with the hair. I often wear a scarf in my hair (saves getting the knots out!) so I thought she could do the same.

We have had a great weekend - it's been all about food. Mum, Dad, Jane and Ian came over for the day yesterday. We all went to the Cidery to celebrate my birthday and then ate one of Jane's fantastic chocolate cakes. I am just about to cook Chris' favourite curry from scratch to celebrate his birthday and then I think I might need to stop eating for a while.
The weather this weekend has just been fantastic (not fantastic for farmers and ducks though). The girls have played outside, all the washing is actually dry and Mum and Dad did a great job on the lawns. I love being outside in the winter sun.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

i love this doll! her face is so calm and welcoming :D