Friday, June 26, 2015

Burda 8160

My winter coat for the last 12 winters has been a Mountain Design jacket, it is still going strong, but I thought it was time for something new. I really wanted a wool coat that was thigh length and had a hood. Finding a pattern was a little trickier than I thought. I though about the Cascade Duffle coat, but I had a black duffle coat in 1989. I also had stonewash jeans and bad hair and I don't need to go back there. I searched ebay and etsy and found the OOP Burda 8160.
I made a muslin and altered the arms and shoulders as I didn't want shoulder pads and cut quite a bit off the length.
 I used a wool blend from the stash which came from Spotlight a few years ago. I remember finding it on the sale rack and it was something ridiculous like $5 a metre. The lining is also from Spotlight.
 It is a well drafted pattern, the pockets are lined and worked really well and there are two piece sleeves which I always prefer in a jacket or coat.
 It is slightly big and I could easily have gone down a size, but I'm only wearing a t-shirt underneath so there is plenty of room for cardigans and jumpers.


Kaylene said...

Looks great! I always wish that I could sew half as good as you can!

Abby and Stephanie said...

You are my clothes sewing idol! That's a great shaped coat and I love the larger outer pockets.