Monday, July 06, 2015

Winter Knitting

It's perfect knitting weather at the moment. I finished off my Inverto mittens. 
 Then yesterday I spent a great afternoon knitting with friends on the hugest needles I have ever used.
 In no time at all I had a snood. More details here.
I've been wearing both today while I decide what to cast on next.


Stephanie said...

Both, awesome! Looks like your mitts are perfect hand warmers for machine quilting too! :o)

Emma (My Red Wellies) said...

Love them both! Beautiful yarn you chose for the wristwarmers. Those were some big ol' needles :)

A-L said...

Nice mitts! is it really that cold there? just wondering because here it is summer and we are wearing summer dresses etc and it is +16 celsius outside, and just the other day my father-in-law told that in Perth it had been +20 and it is supposed to be winter there! so wrong!!

Kate said...

We are a few hours south and it is cold for here, 13 tomorrow and -1 tonight!