Monday, April 27, 2015

Style Arc Marie

After having success with the StyleARC Fiona and Laura patterns I thought I'd try the Marie Jacket next.
My eyes twitched a bit the first time I read the instructions. I usually sew by looking at diagrams so I couldn't quite figure out what I was meant to do. I searched all the reviews I could find, followed Lara's tips on topstitching, followed each step and just hope it made more sense as I went along and it went together perfectly.
I used some really nice black ponte I found on eBay. It is rather thick so this is definitely more a jacket than a cardigan. The only downside to making this was that my overlocker hated this fabric. I tried different setting and needles, but it just would not sew it so I didn't use it and I didn't finish any of my seams.

If I ever make another one I'll make a few adjustments to the fit at the back, but I am really happy with how it turned out and it will get a lot of wear this winter.

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bec said...

It looks great on you! The skirt I made today was all instructions and no pics, and I struggled! We need to own it, I think, we need diagrams! I don't think I'll bother now with patterns without them, unless I've made something similar before. Too stressful haha. So you're my hero!