Thursday, April 30, 2015

McCalls 6436

 I finally took some photos of McCalls 6436 that I made before McCalls 6649. It wasn't so bad when I put it back on and it looks ok in the photos. I wore it all day and while it was a little tight in the arms and the collar is too high it was quite comfortable and wearable. I used Liberty lawn which is always beautiful to sew and wear.
The two patterns are very similar. There are differences in the number of darts and 6436 doesn't have a yoke. 6436 has 2 piece sleeves and the placket is done on the seam. When I laid the patterns on top of each other there were slightly different in sizing and shape. Overall I think I prefer 6649 so I will work on getting that one perfect.


Michelle Rivera said...

Awesome! Rad job on the collar too. I'm still trying to perfect that. Sigh. Where on earth did you get those shoes?! Great style toots!

Kate said...

Thanks Michelle! They are Dr Martens, I think the style is Kara, I found them on ebay.