Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Uncommonly Corduroy

One of the best things about Quilt Market was getting to meet Stephanie Dunphy. We have known each other online for ages, but it was so nice to meet in person.
Here she is busy signing copies of her book Uncommonly Corduroy.
 It was great to see all the quilts and bags from the book up close and also to touch them, because you can't not touch corduroy!
 I love the cover quilt and its twin. The fine corduroy that Stephanie uses is so fine and beautiful and makes the most amazing quilts.
 I think this Kaleidoscope quilt is so clever and I think my favourite project in the book.
 Stephanie sent me home with this amazing version of her Caifornia Girl Bag made from the best linen blend camera fabric! I love it, it is the perfect size to fit everything in.
The best thing about the projects in this book is you can choose to do them in corduroy or you can choose any other fabric such as quilting fabrics or those lovely linen/cotton blends. I'd also like to try them in a nice fine velveteen.


trash said...

I bought this book when I did my uber- quilt books shop back in March. Love it.

Stephanie said...

Oh goodness...what a surprise fine ME here! :o) Thank you for such kind words. You really DO have to touch corduroy. Yum!

Thimbleanna said...

This book has looked so interesting to me! It's hard to imagine corduroy seams ever pressing as well as cotton for patchwork, but I know the hand of some of those fine wales is just beautiful. Love that new little bag -- especially those camera buttons!

Fiona@Dragonfly-Sewing said...

Wow, we just don't think to use other fabrics. Love the bag too xx