Saturday, May 10, 2014

Burda 7828 and Me Made May

As much as I love my colourful dresses made from quilting cotton, sometimes I just want to wear a simple dark coloured dress. Enter Burda 7828. I wore and wore the two I made for summer a lot so I made a long sleeved version using some crinkly grey knit from the stash. I made a couple of alterations to the top so it has no tie. I love this pattern, very quick and easy to sew,  so easy to dress up when you want to go out and so comfortable to wear around the house.
 Other things I have worn for Me Made May this week.

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Stephanie said...

All awesome. You're going to have a whole new wardrobe!!! I especially love the skirt with the blue pocket bands and the simple dress looks so comfy.