Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Sometimes at night all I want is a really simple easy knit so I don't have to think too much while I watch TV, especially if there is subtitles (lots of Borgen watching here at the moment). I knew I had to make a Quynn for Olive when I saw the pattern and who doesn't need an excuse to buy a ball of Noro. I really did try hard to only buy one colour, but I just couldn't, I thought I was pretty good really to just choose three.
I made the green one first in the largest size and it only just fits. I had a good amount of yarn left, so I made the next two with 5mm needles and made them a bit longer.
 I managed a few good photos on Olive.

 It only had to take about 57 photos and quite a bit of fairy bread.
More details on ravely here, here and here.


Esther F. said...

She looks like a little elf in that green hat! So adorable!!!
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Stephanie said...

Beautiful yard, adorable Olive. Love the little point at the top of the hat. Olive looks like an adorable Pixie.

A-L said...

That's probably the best hat pattern out there! I've knitted Quynn twice for my son and once (heavily modified ) for my 8yr old daughter and it is a great pattern. Covers ears just so well... Looks so pretty in Noro colours that you have chosen. Gorgeous!