Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pochee Cardigan

 I had a little splurge at Amazon Japan couple of weeks ago (more on that later this week) and on a whim I bought the latest edition of Pochee magazine. I love these magazines, but never sew from them as this style is not flattering to my shape, but I found a great cardigan pattern in this one.
If I saw this in a shop I would buy it immediately. Of course it is made out of shapes you think could never make a cardigan, but I followed the instructions and it worked!
 I used some very very cheap loose knit fabric from Spotlight I bought last year so I wasn't worried if it didn't work. I made the largest size and was planning to size up, but this ended up a little bigger than I wanted. As it is a loose knit that seemed to stretch a bit I think it might be perfect when I make one from wool jersey.
I think this style of cardigan will be great over pretty much everything in winter and dresses in summer. I think I might need a few in different colours.
I know I am tempting fate expecting another pattern in there to work for me, but I might have to try out one of the loose fitting shirts.


Jane said...

That's totally gorgeous! Hmm I'm tempted to get that issue now too. I own one Pochee from a few years back and have used a kids' pants pattern from it over and over, and made a loose shirt for me in a double gauze that I just love (and I hardly have a petite Japanese figure either!).

Christine said...

What a lovely cardigan. I need to learn to sew better (and read patterns better) so I can buy that magazine and start making things for myself.

Stacey @ bakercourt said...

That looks AMAZING! Exactly the kind of cardi I'd buy!!

Kirsty said...

Great cardi. I would have to buy that in the shops too. It doesn't look too tricky to make.

Sue said...

It looks fantastic on you Kate!

CitricSugar said...

It turned out great - lovely job!