Thursday, May 16, 2013

Books and Cross Stitch

I posted an extremely short review of these books on instagram today. I was planning a longer review, but have realized that will never happen. There are so many people more skilled in book reviewing that me. It is safe to say that English Lit at school was not my strong point. So here is a very short book review from the top one down:
1. Read this
2. Read this for different reasons
3. Was good, was not The Poisonwood Bible, but anything by Barbara Kingsolver is going to be pretty good.

I really need a new phone cover and had this brilliant idea to cross stitch one. I didn't realize just how tiny those little stitches are. I'm really hoping to finish it before my phone is obsolete. If you are looking for a cover you can cross stitch yourself search eBay for "cross stitch phone cover", you should find a few in quite a few colours.


Samantha Dennison said...

The brevity of your review is actually very appealing!! It says all it needs to. I'll be giving the Kingsolver a go for sure. Thanks!

Suzy said...

Love your book reviewing approach. I think the same thing... lots of great reviews online, so I'm happy just to say what I've been reading and if I liked it or not.
I've read (and loved) All that I Am, but not the other two... will add them to my library list.
And that cross stitch phone cover is genius.

Christine said...

I haven't heard of any of those books but I will check them out. I am a horrible book reviewer. I tried to review a book I loved for Amazon once and it sounded like a seven year old wrote it. Love the phone cover. I was going to make the one by the straight stitch society but maybe now I'll do a cross-stitch one.

Brenda said...

Love your phone cover. I will have to check out Ebay for patterns. I never knew they had cross-stitch for phone covers. Love your book reviews. Have a beautiful day!

Karen said...

I read the Barbara Kingsolver one recently and found it really interesting. The Monarch butterflies are amazing how they recreate a flight path only flown by the parent butterflies.
Will keep an eye out for the other books too.