Friday, May 24, 2013


We finally have some chooks in the chook house. We were given these two lovely Isa Browns that have been named Ruby and Pearl. 
And four little Hy-lines called Gretl, Daph, Livvy and Rainbow-Dash. They are about 7 weeks old so they are in a separate big cage at the moment and will slowly be introduced to the other two. Poor Evie this is just before hers flew out of her arms, she was a little bit scared of them to start with, but it hasn't taken her long to get use to them.
 The twins made some hama bead art to decorate the chook house.


Annie said...

Just love will get so much pleasure and fun from them. Great interiors

Suz said...

Chooks - awesome. We definitely want to get some when we finally have our own house!!

hajjandumrah said...

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Dianne said...

Have fun with your chickens. They are very entertaining & make great pets! But mine are free loading at the moment, no eggs now the weather is cold!