Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Fabric Shopping in Bali

It is hard to believe sitting here in the cold and watching the rain out the window that we spent last week in Bali. It is was perfect weather for lazing by the pool, wandering around and eating good food. Thanks to a quick google search before we left there was also a little fabric shopping.
I managed an hour in Alta Moda in Kuta with Chris, Olive and the twins and I snuck away later in the week with Olive for another look.
It definitely caters to those buying fabric and getting things made up while they are over there. So many beautiful shirtings and wool for suits. Chris and I have expensive taste as we both immediately reached for some shirtings that were bout $100 a metre. Unfortunately they had to go back and we found some for much much less for the shirt that might be someday.

The bottom floor had so much stretch fabric, not so much cotton, but there was a lot of lycra. Most of this was about $4 a metre.
 There was a really nice selection of plain cottons in different weaves which are nearly impossible to find over here. The linen selection was amazing. I bought a couple of pieces for about $10 a metre. I was really surprised to find some nice wool for coats for the kids among the wool for suits.
I heard from a few people about the street in Denpasar filled with very cheap amazing fabrics. I couldn't manage it with cross Olive, but if you are going to Bali is sounds like you must check it out.
 Unfortunately there was no chef or butler when I got home so it is back to baking our own bread.


Annie said...

Your bread looks divine....wish I could go on a holiday like that!

Anonymous said...

Thank-you! I did not know about fabric shopping in Bali...

Lulu said...

I have never wanted to go to Bali, but it now on my list! Love the bread.