Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rashies and Bathers

I wasn't really planning on any rashie/bathers/swimsuit sewing but the girls really needed new ones and it is nearly impossible to find them at this time of the year.
Kwik Sew 3785 is one of the few patterns I found in print. I couldn't find any rashie patterns in print, but found Kwik Sew 2889 on ebay.
This is a very easy pattern. I used plain lycra/spandex fabric and used the overlocker to sew them up I only used the sewing machine to top stitch the hems. I made the smallest size, the size 8, for the twins. I could have added an inch or so to the length, but otherwise they fit well. I made the same for Evie as she measures the same size around the waist and chest.
For the bathers/swimsuits I made the size M for the twins and a S for Evie. This is not a difficult pattern, but I can't say I really enjoyed it. I am not a fan of adding all that elastic to the neck, arms and legs, but I do like the result. I didn't line them because I had no lining and they really needed them now, but I think I will buy some so I can line them next time.
The fabric on the left was an ebay find, the middle one was from Etsy and the end one was a great Spotlight find last year. They all feel a little different so it will be interesting to see how well they wear.
I did a little bit of a search around ebay and found an old Kwik Sew pattern - 154 for sizes 2-6 and Kwik Sew 2680 for rashie sizes 1-4. I snapped those up as they will be great for Olive over the next few years.


Samantha Dennison said...

Your bathers look great, Kate. Did you use chlorine resistant fabrics? I took my twins to the local indoor pool last week and by the end of their 35 minute lesson, Miss E's purple bathers were no longer purple, but a very feint blue! Talk about chlorine overkill!!

Anonymous said...

I loved, loved, loved the swimmers that my Mum made for me. They had more sensible cuts, and were long enough in the body!

Well done. Will love to know how they survive wear.

Annie said...

You are so clever to make bathers. I've never attempted those. Very resourceful woman!

Jane said...

Oh nice work! I keep thinking I should sew rashies for my boys but never have yet. Thanks for posting the patterns you used. I might look out for that bigger rashie one. The bathers look gorgeous too.

Kris said...

They look brilliant! I never bothered lining the ones I made. Sounds like a good idea though. Strange how hard it is to get bathers in this country. (Especially considering the current heatwave and the number of indoor pools!) You just have a small window of opportunity to get them. Unless you sew of course ;)

Jodie said...

personally I find lycra terrifying - Lycra and the overlocker together are the stuff of nightmares. You impress me no end.

Stacey @ bakercourt said...

Wow, you are so clever! These are amazing! I never would have thought to make them - all that elastic and fiddly bits... :)