Thursday, March 14, 2013

Easy Embroidery

I do love a 1970s craft book. Especially embroidery books. I was doing a bit of ebay surfing with non sleeping Olive in the middle of the night recently for Lis Paludan books. I favourited a few and the next morning the price on one had jumped from a couple of dollars to over $200. Yikes. I'm pretty sure it is still for sale at that price. I bought this for under $10 with postage.
There aren't many coloured photos, but I love the ones that are in there.

There are some great black and white ones too.
Lots of excellent black and white one illustrations and diagrams. Lots of inspiration for quilts and printing on fabric.


cauchy09 said...

oh, this looks like a super sweet book! i love those houses.

Brenda said...

Beautiful embroidery book

Stacey S said...

What a great find! I really love rows of colourful little houses, I hope that stitchery makes its way onto one of your projects :)