Sunday, March 24, 2013

In Progress

Too may things on the go here, I can't see the cutting table and there are piles all over the floor again, but when I get an idea I can't help starting something new.
Another hat for Olive, because from experience I know that babies can never have too many hats. 
 Some test sewing.
 A muslin of a shirt for Chris, hopefully a wearable one. I'm using the nice lawn from Spotlight. I really want to make him a Liberty one, but we can't seem to agree on a print. I know there is one out there that is perfect, we just can't seem to find it.
 The most exciting part of the weekend - a chook shed! My Dad has been making this for us at the farm. Made completely from things in his shed, out the back of the shed or from the tip. Nothing new was needed. Completely fox proof, with a perch and windows to collect the eggs and pretty easy to see hiding snakes in summer. And my fantastic Dad put it on a trailer and towed it here for us. The perfect chook shed! Of course Eva had to check it out. She has been clucking and pretending to be a chicken all day.


Christine said...

I agree that a baby can't have too many hats. I love all the fabric. And I have never heard of the term "chook shed". I would love to be able to have chickens but we live in a condo.

Stitched Together said...

Cool chook shed. Always nice to have a handy parent!

Sue said...

What a fantastic chook shed. Your dad is always making you handy things, and what a great idea to recycle everything too. The baby hat is looking very cute.

Anonymous said...

Love the shirt - I am sure that you already know that Spotties Lawn is only $8 per metre at the moment.

Emily said...

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