Sunday, May 20, 2012


I love this time of the year, it is perfect weather for the girls to be outside in the garden. They love the walnut trees and they often climb them and play games in them. These photos were taken a few weeks ago when my sister and her children were visiting. There are not many leaves left now and we have gathered most of the walnuts, although there are still lots on the ground and the girls can be found down there cracking them. They still find it hard to get 2 in the palm of their hand and squeeze them together to crack one so Eva will get a rock and crack them like in the bottom picture.
I didn't manage much walnut dyeing this week, the time just disappeared, but there is always next year.


Ashleigh said...

Oh I love this time of your also!! I was going to ask if you've attempted to dye with your walnuts yet? Gorgeous pictures :D

Jane said...

How lovely for the kids to grow up with walnut trees. I think they're my favourite nut, fresh from the shell! So you did some dyeing though? Is it the husks you use? I'd love to see whatever you did. Natural dyes fascinate me.

Anonymous said...

One of my strongest childhood memories is of climbing a walnut tree in a friend's garden and sitting and eating the nuts we had gathered on the fround. I've always wanted one. Do they take long to grow?
LOvely photos - you have a beautiful family Kate. :D